Robotic Surgery

Minimal Invasion • Minimal Scarring • Minimal Recovery time

If your situation is the right fit for robotic surgery, our robotically trained surgeons will perform the operation by your side. Making the tiniest incisions possible for minimal invasion, the surgeon will control the arms of the robot in realtime for precise repair. While looking into a 3D monitor, the surgeon instructs the robot to magnify your internal organs with a camera. Since the incisions made are smaller than other surgical options, you can enjoy minimal recovery time so you can get back to living.

Below are the two different robots we use for surgical operations:

Next Generation robotics da Vinci stock.jpg

da Vinci Xi

Next Generation robotics da Vinci stock 2.jpg

da Vinci Si

Robotic Surgery Demonstration

To demonstrate the precision and control of robotic surgery, enjoy this video from da Vinci Surgery of a grape skin being reattached. For more videos, visit da Vinci Surgery’s YouTube channel.

Our Robotically Trained Surgeons

We are proud to share that Metro Surgical is a nationally recognized mentor site for training surgeons in robotic surgery with da Vinci Surgery.


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